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Paragliding Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing, Best Bir Billing Paragliding Cost & Price, Low Cost Paragliding in Bir, Paragliding Session Package 2000–2500 INR in Bir Billing. Top Paragliding Services in Bir Billing is always a special entertaining adventure activity of flying Paraglider in air. aero-sport concepts of Paragliding is one of the thrilling and adventurous activity which require extra skill to experience safe Flying.

One can Flying – Paragliding in solo and Tandem in Bir. In Bir-Billing is the best spot for aero sports paragliding – aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in the world. Hilltown Bir Billing successfully hosted the paragliding world cup in 2015. Many Paragliding Pilots from more than 142 countries participated in Paragliding world cup which is held in Bir. That is why Bir is more famous for paragliding and camping in Bir Billing, and bill mount camping is a one-stop solution for both stay and adventure. Solo paragliding flying.

In solo paragliding, a pilot flies alone in a paraglider. The pilot is specially trained to parasailing alone in the sky which requires training, technique and experience of many flying. Many solo paragliders fly at Bir Billing regularly. To fly solo in paragliding require 12 to 15 days training after all paragliding courses in bir billing.

Best Suited Time to Visit Bir Billing for Paragliding

Best season for the Paragliding in Bir.:-
Paragliding is possible throughout the year except for the monsoon. Monsoon here from early July to late September. Monsoon here is with very heavy rain from July to September, which is the time when paragliding is closed in Bir Billing. Bir Billing is located in the Dhauladhar mountain range of Himachal, which provide awesome weather conditions you can visit any point of the time in 365 days. But the best suited season time period for Paragliding is divided into two parts.

October to Mid of June is the season for paragliding in Billing, and October – November and March – June is the best time. Paragliding experience during the month of December and January is different as the mountains around covered with heavy snow, even Billing experience heavy snowfall during that period of December to January. Most of the traveller chooses this period of October for camping and paragliding in Bir Billing valley.Safety while Paragliding in Bir Billing.

Bir Billing is world-class destinations for paragliding and for the paragliding world cup. Just because of its geographical condition and its location in the west of Joginder Nagar valley region bajnath district Kangra which is in north India – with smooth winds for paragliding for its safe take-off and landing which also provides amazing views during paragliding flight in Bir Billing Valley Paragliding is an adventure activity which always involves risk. But the risk is only when Pilots not following norms for paragliding and fly without safety factors. This risk can be minimizing if you choose the proper experience paragliding team.

Experience:- Experience pilots and its expertise.
Experience of a pilot is very important. A pilot receives a license from Tourism department on the scale of its safe flying from take off to Landing, but it does not mean a license holder is experienced to handle all situations in air and prepared for a safe landing in all circumstances. It's like a new license holder driving Car. Its expertise comes to pilots with time as much they fly in a glider. Flying with newcomer and experienced pilots is totally different for safety point of View and comfortless during flight as easy, comfortable take off and safe landing. As you know new pilots charge you less and experience charge more, so it's your decision to fly with. Here pilots in Bir Billing having years of experience in the field of paragliding and pilots with few months experience will get experience under them, Safety for paragliding activity on pilots experience how they handle the person to person activity.

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